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Where is water used inside a home?  


Toilets, clothes washers, showers and faucets are the heavy hitters in indoor water use.

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Did you know...                           


  • Replacing just one showerhead with a 2.0 gal/min WaterSense labeled showerhead can save theaverage family 2,900 gallons of water, the amount of electricity needed to power its home for 13 days, and more than $70 in utility bills.


  • High–efficiency washing machines can conserve large amounts of water. Traditional models use between 27 and 54 gallons of water per load, but new, energy—and water—conserving models (front–loading or top–loading, non-agitator ones) use less than 27 gallons per load.


  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving; that alone can save a person more than 200 gallons of water per month.   Source: 


  • Of the estimated 29 billion gallons of water used daily by households in the United States, nearly 7 billion gallons, or 30 percent, is devoted to outdoor water use. In the hot summer months, or in dry climates, a household's outdoor water use can be as high as 70 percent.   Source:


  • Washing laundry is a significant use of water in the average home; accounting for 15% to 40% of the overall water consumption inside the typical household of four persons.  The average American family washes almost 400 loads of laundry each year.    Source: Home Water

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