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You may have noticed there is a light bulb revolution going on...


As the chart below summarizes, LED lights are the most efficient, the most durable, and over the long term cost effective option. 


However their higher cost and variable quality are still question marks.  This affects our ability to fully embrace the technology in our homes.


We use CFL and LED bulbs


CFL bulbs are our workhorse lighting of choice.  They are 4-6x more efficient than incandescent bulbs and cost effective. 


However, as LED options increase and their prices drop we’ll be embracing them whole heartedly and phasing out CFL’s.  In fact, you can see the progression of our lighting selection over time has changed as technology evolves.

Chart Source: BC

Energy Star Ceiling Fan/Light combinations for energy efficiency


Use improved motors and blade designs to make them 60% more efficient than conventional fan/light units.  When we put them ceiling fans in, they are Energy Star.

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