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Our homes are unique, green and highly sought after.  If there is a property we have available, we encourage you to contact us sooner rather than later.  We’d hate for you to miss out on the high quality, sustainably built home you’ve always wanted.


to True Turtle


We are always searching for houses, multifamily buildings and land to purchase. Our focus is District of Columbia properties, in neighborhoods such as Petworth, Parkview, Brookland, Riggs Park, Takoma and Columbia Heights but we will happily look beyond those areas.



with True Turtle


True Turtle has a deep knowledge of the DC real estate market.  We consistently deliver high quality products in sought after areas.  We acquire properties from people just like you who have property to sell. 


In return, we often offer investors a competitive return on their money.  We are willing to payreturns on investment that exceed the stock market or even other real estate investments.  To learn more about our process, please reach out to us.


Considering selling? 

Please let True Turtle make you an offer.

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Why sell to us...

We pay more

We have our own construction company, which enables

us to pay you more than other developers or buyers


We pay cash

No need to wait for bank financing 


No home inspections

We buy “as is” 


No appraisals

We know this market, we don’t need someone else to tell us what we already know


No agent means you get more money in your pocket

Because you won’t have to pay a commission to an agent you’ll get 6% more in your pocket.


We close quickly...or not...

We can close in as little as two weeks, or as long as you need.  We are very flexible and are happy to work around your needs. 


You don’t need to make any repairs of clean anything out...we’ll take care of it all

We buy property based on potential, not current can hand us the keys and leave the mess behind. 

In fact, we prefer you to leave the mess to us.


We are passionate supporters of our community because we live here too!

Most developers tear everything out of turn of the century buildings and throw it in a dumpster.  We’re just plain different. We have a deep passion for reuse of vintage and modern materials that turn of the century buildings are known for.  With vintage materials we do one of several things:


Reuse or repurpose them in projects....or


Give them away to the community because things like Chestnut doors and trim are almost irreplaceable, transoms are exceedingly difficult to find, radiators and fancy door hardware challenging to match...or


Donate them to Community Forklift so that someone else can reuse them


Also...part of our company goals is education.  We always have guided and heavily sinaged tours so community members can learn what they can do to be more environmentally conscious.


You can do more than just sell your can help save the planet

We build green buildings to help make the world a better place for our grandchildren, one building at a time. Selling to us assures you’ll leave a leave your own personal green legacy.  This is something no other developer can offer you.


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