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The Baptisia


What is a green building certification?

Green building certifications are a set of design and construction standards created by independent organizations. 


These standards go far beyond the building code to focus on energy efficiency, water efficiency, air quality, material selection and more.

Is LEED an example of a  green building certification?

LEED is the most recognizable green building certification but there are many more including

Passive House

Living Building Challenge


Earth Craft

Green Globes

What is the value of a green building certification?

Third party green building stanards all have rigorous quality control processes such as: 

Plan review of all sustainable strategies and specifications

Onsite verification of all plan items

Testing of sytems and enveloper

These process ensure a higher quality, higher performing home.

The Baptisia is Built to Four Green Certifications 


Passive House

Passive House Institute US (PHIUS)

The Baptisia is built to the rigorous Passive House International (PHIUS) building standard.  Currently, there are less than five buildings in the District of Columbia that have achieved a passive house certification. 

In the passive house standard extreme energy efficiency and comfort go hand in hand. Super insulation, drastic air sealing and ultra high performance windows and doors = 90% less energy used for heating and cooling.   This super insulated building envelope means a noticeably quiet interior, steady comfortable temperatures, no drafts and low bills. 

Additionally, special hot water heating delivery systems, ultra low energy use appliances, all LED lighting create a home with low enough energy bills that Net Zero Energy is achievable with a modest solar array. 

Simply put, a passive house designed home is a healthier home designed to be part of the solution to climate change. 

Zero_Home_MASTER_Mark ZERH site.jpg

Zero Energy Ready Home

US Department of Energy (ZERH)

Net zero energy homes are designed to use 40-50% less energy than a code built home and produce as much energy as they consume.

The US Department of Energy's Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH) certification means a home could be net zero energy with the addition of solar. 


Energy Star

US Department of Energy (DOE)

The US Department of Energy's certification program to promote lower energy use. Energy Star homes are built to rigorous requirements and are 10-20% more efficient than new homes on the market today.  

Indoor AirPlus-main.jpg

Indoor AirPlus

US Department of Environmental Protection (EPA)

The US Environmental Protection Agency's certification program for higher air quality. 

The standard has specifications for special:


Moisture control systems

Heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems

Combustion-venting systems

Radon resistant construction

The standard also has requirements for the careful selection and installation of low-emitting building materials.

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