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The Baptisia


The low energy use, comfort, quality connection

Ultra low energy use & high comfort, step by step...

air-tight envelope.jpg
Air tight construction =
no drafts & low bills

The Baptisia is designed with a special air tight layer.  This meticulously constructed layer blocks any air from leaking in or out of the building. The picture shows the yellow air tight layer sheathing boards with the special red liquid flashing sealing all seams between boards.  This liquid “flashing” also seals the gap between windows and sheathing eliminating the primary source of drafts. Designing in aggressive air tightness drastically decreases the amount of energy needed to heat and cool a building.  An air tight home is a draft free, more comfortable home. 

High efficiency HVAC = low energy use & low bills

With super insulation and air sealing, and high performance windows and doors, a building’s high performance "envelope" can reduce the amount of energy to heat/cool the home by up to 90% compared to average existing home. The HVAC equipment can be smaller, using less energy. Duct design matters for energy use.  Systems are centrally located to minimize bends an ducts are meticulously sealed to maximize air flow (and minimize losses behind the drywall.)  Lastly, The Baptisia's H/AC equipment is a 50% more efficient than a builder grade system but familiar to all HVAC technicians for easy maintenance. 

Super insulation =
even temps & quiet living

The Baptisia has a custom designed high performance building "envelope" beginning with roughly twice the amount of insulation required by code.  The insulation is specifically designed to continuously connected, roof directly connected to walls to subslab insulation.  This eliminates any "thermal bridging" where a no insulation allows direct contact of outside to inside causing cold walls in winter and hot spots in summer. Super insulation creates an even temperature, comfortable interior experience.  Bonus!  Super insulation makes The Baptisia super quiet too!

Custom hot water = hot water on demand & low bills

When energy losses through the building envelope are minimized, the largest energy user becomes hot water.  The Baptisia has plain-jane, easy to maintain off the shelf high efficiency electric tanks.  The energy savings starts with a central location of the tanks to minimize piping.  All piping is insulated to R8. There is also and energy saving recirculation loop with an on demand pump that brings hot water to a tap only when needed.  This system also conserves water by recirculating non-hot water back to the tank, not down the drain. Owners enjoy instant hot water while saving both energy and water!  

WIN 525MontanaB-12.jpg
Super insulated windows & doors=low bills & high style

The windows are insulated, fully custom, European style, tilt-turn, windows and doors. Triple pane glass with multiple coatings, Argon gas fill and thoroughly insulated frames bring the R value of these windows to ~9. This is three times the insulation value of the typical R3 window found in most new construction. The coatings allow the suns rays to heat the home in the winter months and block the strong summer sun. These casement windows are designed to air tight with double and triple gaskets almost completely eliminating drafts.

light 525MontanaA-6.jpg
All LED lighting & Energy Star appliances = low bills

To further reduce energy use, The Baptisia features EnergyStar refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers, clothes dryers and the ceiling fans.  EnergyStar appliances use between 10-30% less energy and water than non-EnergyStar appliances.


100% LED lighting was selected to drop energy use further.  But conservation doesn't mean skimping on style, these light fixtures are bright, high energy stylish and fun.  

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